November Blues: sounds of New Orleans & autumn colours


Front man flair

I went to see a gig on Friday night. I’ve seen the band before. The music is pretty much all New Orleans jazz and blues standards and the main man is called Dom. He’s on piano and vocals and on Friday he was on fire. Just like the other times I’ve seen him, in fact. His band is called¬†Dom Pipkin and the Iko’s and I recommend an evening with them if you want to be inspired by rousing playing accompanied by occasional quirky interjections from the front man; Dom’s pretty engaging. Plus, he whistles to a very high standard which I personally found almost as mesmerising as his piano playing antics.

Beginning to blog: why here, why now

But I was going to write¬†some other stuff here too, not just give a band I like a lot of online love. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while but wasn’t sure I had enough to say. There is so much stuff out there. Out here. But what with one thing and another (one thing being this insane political climate and another being that I recently came back from Palestine for a second time) I decided the time was right and that I do have enough things that I want to say.

I didn’t really want my first blog to be full of doom and gloom about the world situation, although I am feeling the blues about all of that, along with many other millions of us; hence the title that came to mind for this first post. But then I thought of the gig the other day and how much joy that gave me. And also, from ‘blues’ I thought of colours and how long autumn has seemed to last this year with its never-ending display of vibrant oranges, reds, browns and yellows.

Writing, living, connecting

The day after I came back from Palestine, feeling still quite tender from what I had seen and heard out there, I spent the day walking through Nunhead Cemetery and Peckham Rye Park; and felt so alive amidst the falling leaves, the ducks and coots, the huge trees and the beautiful old, mossy headstones. So this blog, as I see it now, will be about sharing moments of mine that remind me of what it’s all about, moments that explore and celebrate the connections between us, even – or especially – at times when they can feel harder to see.

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