india_mini_reducedI am interested in people, words, meditation, yoga, nature. The relationship between mind, body and the world around me is one I am continually trying to deepen my understanding of. Time for introspection and writing, the outdoors, and active, curious engagement with others are ways that help me do this.

I’ve worked as a social worker, counsellor, radio producer, yoga teacher, cycle instructor. One thread that weaves through all of these is communication, or connection.

I believe kindness and generosity are the keystones for building a better society. I’ve found that meditation helps me notice where I’m at with developing these qualities. Yoga supports my wellbeing which helps me support others’ welfare.

I relish a good conversation and being in community; equally, I thrive – find renewal – through solitude and silence. I love walking, dancing, cycling, sitting.

I’m trying to take responsibility, to act, through stretching myself¬†off the yoga mat as well as on it. Writing this blog is one of the ways I’m taking myself to that edge of discomfort, where questions often present themselves and inquiry necessarily follows.