Silk Roads: threads of hope in uncertain times

I recently finished reading Peter Frankopan’s excellent book The Silk Roads and noticed afterwards I was feeling some sense of overwhelm. I've been able to pinpoint three reasons for this. On one level, the most visceral, I was left with an acute sense of the magnitude and complexity of the world’s problems in the twenty first century … Continue reading Silk Roads: threads of hope in uncertain times

Help Through Haikus

A couple of days ago I was walking along a beach near Lyme Regis. This part of the coastline is known as 'Jurassic' due to its ancient layers of sedimentary rock. Many fossils have been found in this area from 185 million years ago, telling us about prehistoric life. Picking over the past The day … Continue reading Help Through Haikus

Rain, Sun, Resolutions & Hope

Earlier on today I wrote the date on a postcard and noticed that it's the 17th day of the first month of the 17th year of this millennium: 17.01.17. I've always liked the neatness of these kinds of calendar numbers. And I noticed it's the middle of January already. This week has been looming large, … Continue reading Rain, Sun, Resolutions & Hope