Visit to Gandhi Smriti Memorial Museum

On January 30th 1948 you
were seventeen years of age.
Do you remember the news
of Gandhi’s death?

India was ripping out
its own heart. Israel was
crushing Palestine’s soul.
The promise of Mahatama’s
work, and the Promised Land,
turning to ashes while Europe
began the long, slow climb
from austerity to prosperity.

What did the future whisper
to you? What promise did you
make to yourself? Some dreams
do come true, hopes can bear fruit.

In Delhi, sprinklers water the
lawn where Gandhi last stood.
Under the winter sun, hopes and
dreams flourish yet along the
path he trod. Through the spray,
the shape of a phoenix shimmers,
if you look for its image.

Fresco detail, Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra